Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Housewarming gift Tradition

The traditional housewarming gift is a custom in many different countries. A unique housewarming gift is an act of friendship, one person giving in a small way to help another. Someone who has just moved into the neighborhood will greatly appreciate an act of friendship from new neighbors, no matter how small, and will go a long way in getting acquainted. Sometimes the act of kindness means more than the housewarming gift. A classic housewarming gift is a gift for the kitchen. Sometimes a housewarming gift may be gourmet food gifts as well. A housewarming gift has been a long tradition which dates back hundreds of years. No one definitively knows specifically how the housewarming gift tradition was started, but some speculate that the tradition dates back to the birth of Christ and the gifts brought by the three Wise Men. Read the rest of this post at,

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